Meet Rupali Patil.

Avid Explorer. Voracious Reader. Nature Lover. Engineer.

Q: When did you decide you wanted to become an Engineer?

My parents are farmers from a small village in India and hence, were not very informed about formal education. Despite all difficulties, they encouraged me to be independent and supported what is right for me. Their strength and support allowed me to explore my options.

Science was always my favorite subject in school. My role models were my cousins – I was fascinated and inspired by their achievements. In fact, they encouraged me to pursue my love for science and take up mechanical engineering.

Meet Rupali Patil.

Q: Tell us a little bit about what you do at John Deere.

John Deere is the world’s leading provider of advanced products and services for agriculture and forestry and a major provider of advanced products and services for construction, lawn, and turf care.

I work with the Turf and Utility Engineering Team at the John Deere Technology Centre India. Being the Lead Engineer, I’m responsible for the development of power train mounting systems in crossover utility vehicles. It includes the application of expertise in appropriate designs, material selection, structural, and noise, vibration, harshness (NVH) analysis for integration into off-road vehicles.

Q: How did you hear about SWE? And what does SWE mean to you?

I got an opportunity to be part of the SWE team initiated within the John Deere India Women’s Network group. I liked SWE’s focused approach on advocacy and professional development for Women in Science and Technology.

I have experienced SWE through the different roles I have held — SWE International Senator and Ambassador, Founder of the SWE Pune Affiliate, Mentor for college affiliates in Pune, and Conference Advisory Board Member for WE Local Conference in India.

SWE means many things to me. SWE gives me an opportunity to mentor young girls and encourage them to pursue their dreams. SWE inspires me to dream big and look up to the role models from all corners of the world. SWE also provides a global platform for world-class professional development.

Q: What advice would you give young girls today?

Keep your dreams alive! This has been said by many people and it’s what makes the difference. Dreams will show you possibilities and let you expand your boundaries. Focus on your purpose.

There will be thousands of waves that will take you in different directions, Purpose will be a lighthouse of your life. Find and stay tuned to your lighthouse!

Who is SWE?

The Society of Women Engineers.

For more than six decades, the Society of Women Engineers has given women engineers around the globe a unique place and voice within the engineering community. SWE is centered around a passion for our members’ success and continues to evolve with the challenges and opportunities reflected in today’s exciting engineering and technology specialties. Learn More